To keep your jewellery looking beautiful it is advised that you keep it away from harsh chemicals including, but not limited to, hairspray, perfume and chlorine. Avoid swimming whilst wearing your pieces and store them in a clean dry place. 


If you wish to clean the Corian in your jewellery wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not submerge it in water.  


Sterling silver oxidizes naturally over time with exposure to oxygen and the elements. To keep your piece as bright and shiny as possible, wipe it with a soft silver polishing cloth.

Pearls are very soft and great care needs to be taken when wearing and storing them. Do not wear pearls in water and keep them away from harsh chemicals. Store your pearl jewellery away from other items that may scratch their surface. Store pearl pieces in soft cloth or linen and not a plastic bag, as pearls need moisture so as not to crack.